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Billy Martin's Private Lake

135 Potter Hill Road Port Crane, NY 13833

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Bids starting at $500,000 plus 10% buyers premium.

Above video is a narrated walk-thru of this website and the property. 

 Click here for photos of basement.



Property Tax data main parcel: 84.58 acres wit house, barn and pond.

2019 School: $8,038

2020 County/Town: $3430:

Total: $11,468 based on $337,313 FMV


We purchased the property because it was perfect for our Newfoundland dogs.

In August 1998 Rhoda and I stopped in Binghamton for lunch. On the table was a real estate booklet which had a full page ad for the Billy Martin property,currently configured with about 85 acres and a large pond.

I hired an electrician, a plumber and a carpenter to start the work once we closed on the house. We set up indoor/outdoor kennels in the basement, set up large paddocks outside using chain link fencing. At the time we had 12 dogs.

The first summer was very hot. The basement, where the dogs lived, did not have AC. So we set up dog crates in the living room and dining room with the AC on and the dogs stayed there for a while. Then, as quickly as we could, we installed heat and AC in the basement.

The property was perfect for our dogs. They needed to be exercised every day. There was plenty of room to install large kennels which we called paddocks. So we set up three of them so the dogs had plenty of room to run around, but could be contained inside the chain link fence. We decided to set up indoor/outdoor kennels in the basement where the dogs stayed at night. We set up a small kennel inside, opened up a portion of the wall to give the dogs access to the outside and set up a small kennel outside so the dogs could move freely between the inside and the outside and still be contained. Then we installed a sheet of plywood that we could slide up or down so we could contain the dogs on either side when we needed to. We referred to that piece of plywood as the guillotine door. We had to be sure not to drop down the guillotine while the dogs were going through.

There were two other characteristics that made the property perfect for the dogs. There were plenty of trails throughout the 85 acres. We would walk the dogs on those trails off lead, which allowed them to run freely. We trained them to return to us when we called them. Then there was the lake. Since Newfoundlands are water dogs, they spent a lot of their time swimming. Quite often we had to call them many times to get them to come out of the water.

As you can tell from all of this that we made sure we had several things as responsible breeders...safety, containment and control...and love...lots of love, which made everything else easy. After 20 years, we never regretted our decision. I have often said it was the smartest move I ever made, except for marrying Rhoda. I can tell you, it was perfect. The house really worked....Bob Lerman.


3 large paddocks in the yard and then two small kennels in the basement where the dogs can go outside or stay inside through an opening in the wall that gives them access to both sides of the wall.



In the basement - first the inside kennel, and then the outdoor kennel

8'x14', 8'x14'
10'x6', 16'x14'

Some have only one access gate, some have several gates.


Two kennels back by the barn and sheds.

23'x19' 1 gate
32'x60' 2 gates


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